A common resident of the Northwoods, the porcupine is often the source of much frustration and consternation for forest managers and homeowners. The Masked Biologist wants to help you get to know the porcupine and maybe share some tips or tricks to reduce porcupine damage in this week’s Wildlife Matters.

On a recent family outing, we noticed that wildlife is on the move taking advantage of what’s shaped up to be an early spring. We also noticed that one animal that seemed to be bad at safely crossing roads was the porcupine.


I spent most of my life not knowing that porcupines could climb trees. While I am a little embarrassed to admit this fact, I am also not sure I spent a ton of time in my younger years thinking about it. Now that I know, I have become obsessed with staring toward the tops of trees trying to find a bound-up ball of quills, nested in the highest branches.

Perspectives on a Porcupine

Mar 17, 2015
National Park Service / http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Porcupine_NPS11952.jpg

Warmer temperatures are bringing out more wildlife.  Today John Heusingveld, Assistant Director of UW Stevens Point’s Treehaven, discusses the many views on the humble porcupine.