Ben Meyer/WJFW

Eight-point-five million dollars worth of work to remake the Prentice school complex is nearly complete.

In 2018, Prentice voters approved the multi-million-dollar referendum.

It allowed the school district to demolish aging and crumbling parts of its building and replace them with new classrooms.

“The community, whoever has been in here so far, has really liked what we’ve done.  We haven’t gone overboard.  We just did what was necessary to improve the district with classrooms,” said Superintendent Randy Bergman.


Three years ago, the village of Prentice got terrible news.

The Caterpillar company planned to shut down a forestry equipment plant there, endangering the jobs of about 200 people.

But a Minnesota-based RITALKA stepped in and bought the plant, saving many of the jobs.

“We know that in a rural setting like Prentice, it’s not just the Prentice town.  It’s a 30-, 40-mile, 45-mile radius around Prentice that you draw from,” said CEO Kevin Wald.

The plant is running steadily with about 75 employees.