Rhinelander Streetscape


Progress was announced Monday as a major street in Rhinelander is under going a multi-year nearly $18 million dollar upgrade.

The city began upgrading Stevens Street north of the downtown and eventually will re-do all of it to the Highway 17 bypass.

Project Engineer Mark Barden says good progress has been made...


The public Tuesday night got a look at a major street project in Rhinelander that could take one to two years to finish and cost nearly $18 million dollars.

Rhinelander has secured enough funding to move forward on the remake of Stevens Street, from Frederick Street all the way to the Chippewa Drive bypass on the city's northeast side.

Public Works Director Tim Kingman says they've secured more than $5 million in grant money and are looking for a contractor with an eye toward getting the most work done with the least inconvenience for the public...

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It's not a done deal yet, but the Rhinelander City Council is moving closer to fixing a heavily used and badly in need of repair street.

The Council Monday approved a recommendation by Public Works Director Tim Kingman to pursue a shorter term loan to help fund a 2019 redo of Stevens Street. The streetwork would be done from the north end of the downtown to the Highway 8 bypass. Total cost of the project is $17.8 million.

The city has already received other federal grant and loan monies for sewer construction of close to $10 million.


The City of Rhinelander will soon begin the process of fixing aging streets, and they're eyeing another big project just north of the downtown.

Public Works Director Tim Kingman told the city council this week they are looking at getting grants for the project . The projected cost: more than $17 million dollars....


Work on a Rhinelander bridge is ending and a city official says it should be open soon.

The second year of work on the Rhinelander downtown Streetscape project is moving forward.

This weekend there are three different events taking place in the downtown and Public Works Director Tim Kingman says the Davenport Street bridge will be open and all the barriers downtown will be removed...


The weather has slowed the beginning of the Rhinelander Streetscape project for this season, but an official says it still will be done in time for the July 4th parade downtown. A significant construction project redid the underground infrastructure downtown and an initial paving of the streets took place.

City Director of Public Works Tim Kingman says crews are beginning the second and final phase. He says they intended on beginning the project on April 15 but lousy weather slowed construction....


The second year of downtown Rhinelander's street work begins in a few weeks and is scheduled to be wrapped up by mid-summer. City Director of Public Works Tim Kingman gives us an update on this year's plans...

The Streetscape  website is here.


The City of Rhinelander has picked up more than 500 responses so far to survey asking for input on roadway options to complete the city's "Streetscape" program next year.

Public Works Director Tim Kingman says they got through the first construction downtown, with the final touches to be done this coming summer, including repaving. But Kingman says during the pause in construction over the winter, they wanted to find out from the public their thoughts, primarily about making downtown Rhinelander's Brown Street one-way....

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An anonymous donor has provided more holiday spirit in downtown Rhinelander. Dan Kuzlik, President of Downtown Rhinelander, Inc. says the timing of the $5,000 gift was ideal as the city's Streetscape project didn't leave much holiday lighting as in year's past...

"...the timing was perfect this year because of the new Streetscape, the city doesn't have its lights up so we were able to decorate the small triangle on the south side of Brown Street, all the way to the other end, what they call the 'plaza' that DRI helped develop, landscape, etc."


Earlier projections for the Rhinelander Streetscape project ending for the year in October have proven not to be the case, but a spokesperson says things should be wrapping up by mid-month.

Weather and added construction slowed the project says project engineer Mark Barden. A few touchups are being done with the concrete but other than that, the concrete is complete...

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National Arbor Day is always celebrated on the last Friday in April, but for the city of Rhinelander, October 25 was Arbor Day as proclaimed by Mayor Dick Johns...

"....the city of Rhinelander has long recognized the importance of trees, the quality of our lives and the environment..."


A key intersection in the remaking of downtown Rhinelander is opening to traffic.

Streetscape Project Engineer Mark Barden says crews were being slowed by rain....

".....the hope today is we get a couple of manholes raised at the intersection of Davenport and Brown, put some asphalt around those so we can open up that intersection.With a little bit of rain, that may be delayed until Monday. But the hope is by the end of the day today, or Monday, we'll have all of Davenport open from the bridge to Stevens, all of Stevens open to the north of Davenport...."


Mother Nature has thrown a problem or several into the works, but a Rhinelander official says the downtown construction project known as "Streetscape" is likely to be finished for this year in October.

The Davenport Street bridge has reopened and City Administrator Kristina Aschenbrenner says this year's work should be done this fall...


A main traffic artery in Rhinelander is back in operation. The Davenport Street bridge has been closed since April as part of the downtown Rhinelander Streetscape Project. City Administrator Kristina Aschenbrenner says the bridge has reopened....

".....the Davenport Street Bridge is open. Glad to report that, that's good progress. We had a little bit of a delay, first with bridge work, then with and then not having all the parts for the lights that we needed, but we are now up and running..."

Downtown Construction Update

Jul 13, 2016

Construction in downtown Rhinelander continues to make it’s way through the city. Director of Public Works, Tim Kingman says the downtown Streetscape project has been going well.

“Well we’ve been doing really well, we’ve had a very favorable project where we’re just about completing the north Brown section of roadway up from the Davenport intersection all the way up to Frederick street. Likewise we are getting to completion on Rives street.”