This week is Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is reminding people to use less salt on their sidewalks.

Winter brings a never-melting coat of ice and snow to Northern Wisconsin, and many people turn to salt as a solution to slippery sidewalks and roads.

But Suzan Limberg from the Wisconsin DNR says using too much salt can do more harm than good.

“Once it gets excessive, it’s not good for our roads or other infrastructure or our environment,” she said.

Concerns Over Excess Roadside Salt

Jan 7, 2020
Stephanie Kuski


In Wisconsin, where there is snow on the roads there is often salt.

But a major concern for drivers is the potential damage salt can do to vehicles.


Vilas County resident Teresa Schmidt submitted a Curious North question voicing her concerns.

“What’s going on with the brine on the roads?” Schmidt asked. “Is it really more of a problem than the salt they used to use? Is it saving money for our counties at the expense of all of our residents having to buy new vehicles too soon? What’s going on there?”