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Oneida county has joined with several other counties to support 2nd Amendment rights.

Florence county last November passed a measure naming itself a 2nd Amendment sanctuary county. Since then, several other counties have joined in. While public discussions have drawn large crowds elsewhere, most supporting 2nd Amendment rights, Oneida county's crowd was sparse, officials thinking the coronavirus situation kept them away.

Supervisor Mike Timmons of Woodruff presented the resolution to the board...

Ben Meyer/WXPR

The name of the shop caught Mark Kerznar’s attention.

“It’s called Glazed and Confused,” he said.  “I’m sitting there, I’m going, ‘It’s called what?’”

The sign, including a logo of a donut with red eyes flashing a peace sign, put it over the top.

“In talking to the Sheriff, he figured we were going to see, pardon my French, we were going to see a real s***storm heading our way.  We’re a border county,” Kerznar said.