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Update: Statement at the end of the story fromKevin Burns, JUUL Labs Chief Executive Officer. 

Legislators from both parties have proposed a bill that would add vapor products, such as e-cigarettes, and marijuana to the state’s indoor smoking ban.

One of the bill's sponsors is Republican State Representative Jeff Mursau of Crivitz. Mursau says things change over time...

The state's smoking rate has fallen a bit after staying the same for several years.

New data released by the state Department of Health Services show Wisconsin's rate falling one point to 16 percent after being at 17 percent.

Spencer Straub works with the state's tobacco prevention and control program in the Department of Health Services. Staub says they've been holding at 17 percent for awhile so another downward reduction in smoking numbers is good. He says a number of factors are likely involved...

There's a new public service announcement from the state youth anti-tobacco campaign named Wisconsin Wins. The announcement was sent to state media outlets with the idea to encourage retailers to check the ages of tobacco customers.

Maria Otterholt is the area Wisconsin Wins coordinator and community health specialist at Oneida County's Public Health Department. She says numbers of young people trying tobacco is disturbing...


Over the next 18 months, all 3,100 public housing agencies in the U.S. will be required to go smoke-free.

U.S. Housing and Urban Development released new rules late last month.

Oneida County Community Health Specialist Corie Zelazoski says the rule requires agencies enact smoke-free policies applying to all living units, indoor common areas, offices and within 25 feet of buildings...

A new report profiles a doubling of use of unregulated e-cigarettes among teenagers.

E-cigarettes are   a battery-powered vaporizer which has the feel of tobacco smoking. They produce a mist rather than cigarette smoke.

A questionnaire given to sixth through 12 graders found an increase in use says Maria Skubal from the Oneida County Health Department...

"....survey from the National Youth Tobacco Survey shows the percentage of students who use e-cigarettes doubled from 2011 to 2012...."

Quit Smoking for Smoke Out Day

Nov 20, 2013
Thomas Leuthard

Quit smoking for a day, and see if you can stick with it.  

That’s the message from the American Cancer Society for the Great American Smoke Out Thursday.  On this day the organization encourages smokers nationwide to quit the habit for a single day…or use it to jump start their plans to quit permanently.

Spokeswoman Diane Hapka in Lake Tomahawk says it’s not easy. 

“It is very difficult for people to quit.  But it is something that we try to have people do at least for that one day.”

An anti-tobacco advocate says the public might have relaxed about smoking in public, but tobacco companies continue to target youth.

The Northwoods Tobacco-Free Coalition held a "Lunch and Learn" session to talk about the change in corporate tobacco marketing techniques. Many tobacco products are made to look like candy. With fewer adults smoking, the goal, say anti-tobacco advocates is to get younger people interested in tobacco.