Tavern League of Wisconsin

The Tavern League of Wisconsin wants Gov. Tony Evers to allow bars and restaurants to reopen May 1.

That’s almost a full month before Evers’ new Safer at Home order is set to expire.  The order is designed to address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

State Rep. Rob Swearingen (R-Rhinelander) also owns the Al-Gen Supper Club in Rhinelander.

He said the Safer at Home order is hurting businesses like his.

Tavern League of Wisconsin

A Tavern League of Wisconsin leader says a program that get's ample use during New Year's celebrations is something they take pride in.

The SafeRide Home program provides free rides home from Tavern League member establishments year round. All a patron has to do if they feel impaired is to ask the bartender for a ride home.

Tavern League Executive Director Pete Madland says the program began in 1999 when Governor Tommy Thompson signed a bill into law. It provided a funding mechanism to provide the free service...

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Law enforcement officials say a drunk driving arrest can cost a driver $10,000 when all the costs associated with the arrest are factored in.

An Oneida County Tavern League spokesperson says the popular 'SafeRide Home' program has proven successful. Patrons at Tavern League establishments ask the bartender for a voucher and the patron gets a free ride home. Aaron Schultz of  Big Daddy's in Rhinelander is the local coordinator.

He says this weekend highlights the program, but it is a program being used year round..

Tavern League of Wisconsin

While revelers go out to ring in the new year, a program is there year round to make sure patrons get home safely.

Aaron Schultz is the vice-president of the Oneida County Tavern League and coordinates the Safe Ride Home Program...


"....it is no cost to the patron and it is funded by the Oneida County Tavern League through our fundraising efforts and money from the state....if your establishment is a member of the Oneida County Tavern League, you're able to offer this service to your customers...."