Three Lakes

Fall is just around the corner and with it comes a variety of pumpkin themed items.

For 20 years, Three Lakes Winery has been making a wine made from pumpkin pie pumpkins and a few months ago, the rest of the country noticed.

Three Lakes Winery co-owner Mark McCain says the story of their pumpkin wine went viral over the summer.

A conflict over a political ad recorded at the Three Lakes schools will not lead to a change in leadership.

The Three Lakes School Board issued a statement saying the board feels it remains in the best interest of students to continue under the leadership of Dr. George Karling. Karling has been the leader of the school district for 29 years.

A recent campaign ad for Governor Scott Walker showed Walker touring the Fab Lab at Three Lakes. Some people who appeared in the ad objected to being in a partisan ad and questioned whether the school district should be in such an ad.

Photograph HU 41808, Imperial War Museums / Wikimedia Commons

In 1945, a young man from Three Lakes was among the soldiers serving in the 14th Armored Division, and earned himself a unique place in the history books.

Local historian Gary Entz has the story in this week's episode of A Northwoods Moment in History.

Town of Three Lakes

At Tuesday's town board meeting in Three Lakes, taxpayers got an update on four major construction projects currently underway.

Construction was slated to begin in 2018 on a new town office complex while at the same time next door major renovations to the Demmer Library are being undertaken. But meeting attendees learned that one of those projects has hit a snag. Town Chairman Jeff Bruss explains....

Demmer Library Seeks Book Foster Volunteers

Jan 16, 2018

The Demmer Library in Three Lakes is seeking volunteer caretakers for library books for the duration of the upcoming library renovation.

Volunteers have the ability to check out up to 100 books to store in their home for safekeeping until the library’s renovation is over. Items available for fostering are limited to physical books, which will be required to be stored in plastic tote bags to avoid water damage.

Library Director Erica Brewster says it’s a great way to “lend a helping hand while the library is being updated for the 21st century.”

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Last week Three Lakes students got a special ride to school and the program has been a success for several years.

Andy Beach of the Three Lakes Fire Department says the "Ride To School" program completed its seventh year. He spoke with Ken Krall....

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Three Lakes is asking the DNR for an upgrade of it's wastewater treatment facility.

DNR wastewater engineer Steve Smith says the facility is more than 30 years old and is in need of replacement...

"'s really a case of the age of the facility at this point, it's 38 years old, It's beyond it's useful design life and a lot of equipment is wearing out..."

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The Wisconsin legislature  last year convened a study committee on the shortage of volunteers for emergency responder services.

Oneida County Emergency Management Director Ken Kortenhoff recently updated the Three Lakes town board about upcoming changes for ambulance services.

Kortenhoff says detailed the proposed change....

E.U. Demmer Library

When voters in Three Lakes go to the polls next Tuesday they will see two advisory questions on the ballot. Both include possible renovations involving the town hall complex and the next door Demmer library. Ken Krall talked with Three Lakes town chair Stella Westfall about the questions, and some other decisions facing the town board...

The Three Lakes town board next month will consider whether to place advisory referendums on the November ballot to renovate the town hall building, and the nearby Demmer Library. At a special meeting Wednesday two advisory referendums were forwarded for consideration on August 2. One referendum would allow up to $ 900,000 for expansion to the Demmer Library and a second resolution would ask for up to $1.8 million for town office renovation. Should the town board approve asking for the advisory referendums, they would appear on the November 8 ballot.

The Oneida County Board agreed Tuesday to push the state Department of Transportation harder about putting up more road signage along an ATV route in Three Lakes, but it might not matter.

Supervisor Bob Mott says the U.S. 45 bridge over Crystal Lake is unique to have ATV's along the bridge with road speeds at 55 miles per hour.(see related story below) He wants a more visible warning sign on each side of the bridge to alert motorists. He says the terrain on each side of the bridge could lead to a serious accident as drivers might not see the ATV's along the bridge...

The town of Three Lakes is in the initial stages of looking at the town's airport.

The town board Tuesday discussed applying for a grant says town chair Stella Westfall. She says to be eligible for state DOT grants, they have to have a survey to present. The last survey done at the airport was completed in 1977...

" this hearing we had, kept the same airport layout plan and just updated the date to 2015 so we would be eligible for grant money to get a survey done and update the airport layout plan. So we're stepping through hoops, basically...."

The Oneida County Board has spelled out what county roads and a bridge where ATV/UTV use will be allowed.

 Last year Three Lakes allowed ATV/UTV use on town roads. But the number of lakes halted the recreational vehicles from going across the town because they couldn't cross the U.S. 45 bridge at Crystal Lake. Town chair Stella Westfall said giving permission for the vehicles to cross the bridge would tie all the trails together...

Last weekend a  raid by U.S. forces in Yemen tried to free American hostage Luke Somers who had been held hostage by Al-Qaeda since September of 2013. Somers and a South African were killed by their captors. Somers was in Yemen to capture the aftermath of the uprising in Yemen.

A Three Lakes man has vivid memories of Luke Somers. Six years ago, Somers spent six months at Teaching Drum School in Three Lakes. Director Tamarack Song talked to WXPR's Ken Krall about Somers' time in the Northwoods.

Thomas Siebold went missing in Alaska last year. He has not been found.

Three Lakes' Story Hour Celebrates 50 Years

Nov 25, 2014
Emily Bright

Parents and children gathered in Three Lakes Tuesday…to mark fifty years of reading stories out loud at the library.  

Demmer Library in Three Lakes celebrated the 50th anniversary of its Story Hour yesterday.

In 1964, there was no kindergarten program in the public schools. Barbara Holtz and Virginia Javenkoski started Story Hour help teach young children the social skills they’d need for school. Mrs. Holtz recalls the Three Lakes’ town board’s response to starting a Story Hour: