Vilas County Board of Supervisors

Vilas County To Consider Condemnation Commission

Jan 24, 2020
Vilas Co.

A Vilas County Condemnation commission is expected to be established when the county board meets next Tuesday at the request of Judge Neal Nielsen, III who told the county finance committee state statutes it's a statutory requirement and he has a couple of cases where they may be needed.

“The purpose of the Condemnation Commission is to determine the fair marker value of private property taken under condemnation proceedings by a government agency or utilities,” Nielsen said. “Although I appoint the members, the county determines their compensation.”

Vilas Co.

A large state grant will fund the next year of a collaboration between the Vilas County Sheriff's Department and Social Services, the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, and UW Madison Tribal Extension.

Vilas County Jail Administrator Bill Weiss says the $130,000 grant is designed to break the cycle of associated with drug dependency among jail inmates. The inmates apply to get into the recovery program..

Vilas Co. Fair

The Eagle River city council has asked that  the city have the first opportunity to buy the Vilas County fairgrounds property should it come on the market in order to “control growth.”

Vilas Co.- Tribal Communications Committee Disbands

Jan 25, 2018

Perhaps the most important news from this week's meeting of the Vilas  County  Board was not the routine resolutions authorizing various grant applications and minor standing rule changes but the information from board chairman Ron DeBruyne about  attending an executive meeting of the Lac du Flambeau tribal council.

DeBruyne said this was by invitation only with representatives of Vilas, Oneida, and Iron counties along with tribal members and representatives of federal agencies, prompted by the recent murder of a tribal member. gramzon

Purchase of 117 acres of DNR lands in St. Germain by Vilas County will allow withdrawl of county forest land for future expansion of the Highway G landfill, but who pays the $180,000 price was debated last Thursday by the county forestry committee.

With little money in the forestry segregated land account, Supervisor Art Kunde suggested the 14 municipal members of the Landfill Venture Group chip in for the purchase since they are asking to lease 72 acres that have to be withdrawn from the county forest.

A request to the state for adding a shared Judge to serve Vilas County was approved by the county legislative & judicial committee to go to the county board Sept. 26 for approval, thereby dropping a request for a second full time judge.

Several years ago Vilas County discussed requesting another judge but the idea failed to get out of committee for a full board vote.

Coordination and cooperation in combating drug and substance abuse dominated last Tuesday's meeting of the Vilas County Board of Supervisors with opinions on rehabilitation as well as preventive efforts that could result in a cohesive approach to a growing problem.

Supervisor Tom Maulson, a former Lac du Flambeau tribal chairman, felt efforts to combat drugs have decreased and asked the county board to stand up and take the initiative saying there wasn't the toughness against drugs as when he led the tribe.

New Positions Authorized By Vilas County Board

Mar 29, 2017

The Vilas County Board of Supervisors breezed through nine resolution March 28 that added one full time employee in the social services department, re-authorized a full time employee in the district attorney's office, approved land sales obtained through tax delinquency,and heard a presentation on the county health insurance program for employees. Bobby Mikul

Lakes groups and governments in Vilas county are again hoping a reconsideration of a position taken in January to adopt shoreland zoning changes mandated in the last state budget.

The state has mandated counties not have shoreland regulations stronger than DNR rules, which are considered less stringent than former county rules. The Vilas County Board in January unanimously approved its version of state-mandated changes.

After months of committee debate, the Vilas County board of supervisors approved on a split 14-7 vote a commitment to manage the 40,000 acre county forest in the Forest Stewardship Council certification system and manage the county forest consistent with those standards.

This system, along with existing sustainable forest initiative program, is in response to industries that market worldwide and customers seeking paper from certified wood of which two major ones are McDonalds and Coke.

Vilas County Considers New Trail Policy

Feb 28, 2017
Wikimedia Commons-Darxus

With many user groups seeking trails on the Vilas County forest and along county highways, the county Forestry, Land & Recreation committee will consider a new trail policy identifying guidelines and methods for trail acceptance and oversight.

Vilas Courthouse Costs Exceed Firm Cutoff Target

Jan 26, 2017

After cutting parts of the Vilas County courthouse two story addition last month, the county board restored the cuts costing taxpayers another $650,000 and voted separately on $163,000 in security upgrades that were included in the original bid documents.

The action raised the courthouse addition from the original "not to exceed $10 million" to $11,263,000 with the added $813,000 monies coming from the general fund, estimated to be near $8 million.

An attorney with seven years experience as a Corporation Counsel in Adams County, Jack Albert of Wisconsin Rapids, will be offered the position of Vilas County Corporation Counsel.

That position is is expected to become vacant when current Corporation Counsel Martha Milanowski is likely elected District Attorney next month. After the primary election, Milanowski is unopposed.

Two resolutions and one ordinance were the only agenda items of interest at the regular June 28 meeting of the Vilas County board of supervisors is what may be the shortest meeting in recent memory.

An ordinance amending Chapter 26 having to do with allowing ATV's and UTV's on nine-tenths of a mile of Highway E in the town of Phelps was adopted on a vote of 16-5. It will allow access between South Shore Road and Caskey Lane to Blong Road and West Shore Road.

A vote last month by the Vilas County Board to borrow nearly $11 million dollars to improve the Vilas County Courthouse has been canceled.