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Snapshot Wisconsin

Snapshot Wisconsin, is seeking volunteers in all 72 counties as the popular program has gone statewide.

Currently there is a 26-county network of wildlife-monitoring trail cameras.

The DNR uses Snapshot Wisconsin to capture animals digitally using a statewide network of volunteer-hosted trail cameras.

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A rare, beautiful blue bloom last reported in Boscobe in 1884, a tripling in the number of rare plant populations checked on, and a decline in statewide populations of the delicate lady's slipper orchid are among discoveries made by volunteers and shared in the recently released Rare Plant Monitoring Program report by the DNR.

DNR botanist Kevin Doyle says the keep a database of rare plants and animals.

Wisconsin Outdoor Recreation Fares Poorly Under Trump Budget

Feb 20, 2018
Wisconsin DNR

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MADISON, Wis. - Wisconsinites have long believed in funding and maintaining public lands and access to outdoor recreation areas.

But the budget proposed by President Donald Trump slashes spending in these areas and essentially eliminates the Land and Water Conservation Fund. That fund is one the state relies on heavily to help maintain public lands and access to them.

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The need to recruit more hunters begins with hunters teaching the craft.

Keith Warnke is DNR hunting and shooting sports coordinator. He says those planning their own spring hunt outings can be among the most effective mentors for those interested in learning about safe and effective hunting, and its role in conservation and harvesting healthy foods... 

Wisconsin DNR

Many species of pollinators are in sharp decline in Wisconsin.

Recently, a DNR program was granted more almost $70,000 to aid in helping Monarch butterflies. The grant was to help the insects during their annual trek to Mexico over the winter. The grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to restore and enhance critical monarch butterfly habitat along the Mississippi River.

But the DNR's Owen Boyle says the populations of the once-common Monarchs have fallen by 90 percent in the last 25 years.

Bobcat Population Healthy, Growing: DNR

Oct 4, 2017

MINOCQUA – The state’s bobcat population is robust and growing, according to two specialists from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources who recently briefed the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board (NRB) on the elusive creature.


Wisconsin has more than 17 million acres of forested lands and changes in color mean the trees are starting to get ready for winter. Peak fall color varies each year, and 2017 is one of the wettest on record, which could have an impact on color this year.

DNR silvaculturalist Colleen Matula says the change of colors is begun by the sun...

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New small-scale dredging projects guidelines for the state's lakes, rivers and streams has been finalized.

The DNR went to public comment about the general permit changes with more than 700 comments given by the public.

DNR Section Chief Martin Griffin says traditionally they had a permit to allow 25 cubic yards from streams but did not have a comparable dredging permit for lakes. So the decision was made to expand the idea of allowing small dredging to inland and the Great Lakes...

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One of Wisconsin's plant invaders can give you a nasty burn and it's in its prime right now.

DNR Invasive plant coordinator Kelly Kearns talks about wild parsnip....

"...it will be in a rosette stage anywhere from one to several years. The flowering year, it sends up a flowering stalk usually in June at some point and it has a series of large yellow umbrella-shaped flowers a top. This plant can burn your skin. It has a chemical in it that interacts with your skin in the sunlight and cause burns...."

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High water on state rivers has prompted the DNR law enforcement section to ask boaters to be very careful when heading out.

DNR Chief Conservation Warden Todd Schaller says recent storms packing torrential downpours have fueled floods and strong fast currents. He says the public should think safety when planning water trips by first checking local conditions and to always wear a life jacket on the water.

Conservation Warden Michael Sealander in Vilas county agrees, saying a life jacket is necessary...

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With the spring breeding season beginning for many Wisconsin turtle species, DNR biologists are again asking citizens to submit their observations of where turtles and other wildlife are found crossing roads.

Conservation biologist Andrew Badje says females are coming out of the wetlands, lakes and rivers and they're looking for places to nest upland in open sandy or gravel areas. Badje coordinates the turtle conservation program...

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A walk in the woods this time of the year will reveal Northwoods wildlife beginning the annual cycle of a new growing year. DNR wildlife researchers are out doing a survey and a spokesperson says be careful as your drive by.

DNR wildlife specialist Brian Dhuey says the surveyors collect data from roadsides, so that's why they are there and there's no need to be concerned...


The time after the snow leaves is one of the peak times for wildfires to break out in Wisconsin and a fire suppression expert says the public is instrumental in preventing them. The DNR has suspended burning in many parts of Wisconsin.

Wildfire Prevention Specialist, Catherine Koele, says the fire danger rose to high as the warmer weather moved in....

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Property owners in Oneida and Marinette counties are being recruited by the DNR to voluntarily join Snapshot Wisconsin, a citizen-science effort to capture images of all types of wildlife.

Spokesperson Susan Frett says a statewide wildlife monitoring project that's being rolled out on a county-by-county basis. The program began in 2016....

Courtesy: Wisconsin DNR

The DNR is kicking off an effort to look at recreational opportunities and needs across Wisconsin.

The project, officially called a Recreation Opportunities Analysis, or ROA, aims to identify future recreational needs across the state, and the DNR role.

DNR recreation specialist Cameron Bump says in areas like the recreation-heavy Northwoods, this study will look at the entire registration offerings in a region and the state...