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Late summer buying helped spur homes sales in the Northwoods, with an increase in sales and and increase in prices.

The Wisconsin Realtors Association publishes a monthly report on home sales and prices. The recent trend has been a decline in sales due to short inventories in some parts of the state, mostly in urban areas.

But Realtor's economist David Clark reports September was a bit different as the public kept buying what homes were available...

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The Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA) has released a study showing a severe workforce housing shortage and highlights the need for legislative action to address this growing concern.

From a high of more than 30,000 single-family home permits authorized in 2004 to less than 12,500 permits authorized in 2017, the realtors say Wisconsin is on the cusp of not being able to adequately provide housing for today's growing workforce needs.

Tom Larson is vice-president of legal and public affairs. He says there are a variety of causes...

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Summertime is prime time for housing sales in Wisconsin. After two consecutive months of decline, Wisconsin’s home sales reversed course and increased in May, which pushed home prices up.

May home sales rose 3.2 percent compared to May 2018, and the median price was up 9.1 percent over the past 12 months, rising to $203,000.

An economist who works with Wisconsin Realtors Association, David Clark, says it still remains a seller's market...

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If you're selling a home, you're in good shape. If you're buying a home, it could cost more.

For the second straight month, Wisconsin’s sales of existing homes failed to keep pace with last year’s sales, which put significant pressure on home prices, according to the most recent analysis of the state housing market by the Wisconsin Realtors Association.

Home sales in April were almost 10 percent below the levels of 12 months earlier, while median prices rose 8 percent to $195,000 over that same period.


Record-setting sales levels propelled realtors to one of the best winters ever.

The Wisconsin Realtors Association reports from December 2017 through February, 2018 saw more than 13,000 homes sold, which is the highest winter season since 2005.

The Northwoods followed the trend. Economist David Clark says February housing statistics were also in record territory, with sales and prices hitting new peaks.

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There has been a nervousness in the American stock market caused by movements by the Federal Reserve to inch interest rates up to keep inflation in check.

Rising interest rates also affect mortgages and home affordability. Even with slightly higher consumer borrowing rates, a spokesperson for Wisconsin Realtors Association says housing loans are still a bargain compared to past years and decades. Economist David Clark...


Though January often is the slowest month of the year for realtors, the surge in home sales continued says a spokesperson for Wisconsin Realtors Association. The Northwoods followed the trend. The reported existing home sales rose 2.8 percent in January compared to a year ago,  and the median home price increased 6.8 percent over that same period to $168,500.

Economist David Clark says in the Northwoods, sales were up more than six percent from a year ago and the median price was up five percent to $133,000.


The Northwoods continues to have some of the best property deals in the state according to an economist from Wisconsin Realtors Association.

Economist David Clark says early fall sales volume, statewide, was slightly down from September of 2016. He says compared to a year ago, prices are up about 4.8 percent. He says for the year, sales are up about half a percentage point compared to 2016 and prices are up about 6 percent.

Clark says last year was a record year for state realtors...


State realtors are seeing a bit of a flattening rate when it comes to home sales, but prices continue to inch up as inventories in urban areas are very tight. In rural areas like the Northwoods, more homes are available.

Wisconsin Realtors Association economist David Clark says sales statewide for May compared to last year saw an uptick. But for the first five months Clark says the rate of growth was leveling off....


January usually isn't a stellar sales month for Wisconsin's realtors, but overall, a spokesperson says the trend upward continues.

David Clark is an economist for the state's realtors. He says January only accounts for about 5 percent of the year's sales. Clark says home sales were strong in January...


The term 'record-setting' applies to Wisconsin's housing sales, according to a realtors association.

Wisconsin's housing market ended a record-setting year and the Northwoods led the way in terms of growth of sales. The Wisconsin Realtors Association numbers are detailed by economist David Clark.

He says for the first time they past 80,000 home sales in the year....

"....What's really remarkable about that is that the inventory levels have been shrinking...and we're still getting solid sales figures...."


The housing market is heating up even in these cold months which means in some parts of the state, the number of homes for sale has dropped. This is causing prices to rise, though that trend is less intense in rural areas. Those are the conclusions of an economist working with Wisconsin Realtors Association looking at November sales and price data.

David Clark says 2015 was a strong year, that is being topped by 2016....


Most parts of Wisconsin continue to show a rebound in home sales and prices. That assessment from the Wisconsin Association of Realtors monthly report.

Sales in the 18-county northern region for November saw the median price up 6 percent from one year ago to $132,000 with the volume of sales up 10 percent to more than 6,500 units sold. Realtor's economist David Clark thinks this year will likely be the best sales year in a decade...

"....we'll probably sell statewide a little more than 75,000 homes. Last time we surpassed that level was 2005...."


An economist says the state's economy is showing mixed signals...slow job growth yet relatively low unemployment in some areas.

David Clark is an economist for the Wisconsin Realtors Association. He says job growth has been slow...

"....job growth has been pretty minimal  in some months compared to the previous year they've actually seen a slight decline...."

Housing Sales, Prices Continue To Climb In Northwoods

Jul 22, 2015

Wisconsin Realtors sold six-percent fewer houses in November than in the same month a year ago and the Northwoods followed the trend.  

Statewide, the Realtors Association said the median sales price was 136-thousand dollars, about six-thousand more than the year before.    Median prices jumped seven-and-a-half percent for the first 11 months of the year, to 144-thousand dollars -- 10-thousand more than the same period of 2012.