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In addition to the local news, WXPR Public Radio also likes to find stories that are outside the general news cycle... Listen below to stories about history, people, culture, art, and the environment in the Northwoods that go a little deeper than a traditional news story allows us to do.

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Next, commentator Catherine Marshall wonders what would happen if the Presidential candidates all went somewhere together...

What is Animal Magnetism?

Nov 12, 2015


Catherine Marshall Comment: Think About Your Stuff

Nov 3, 2015

Commentator Catherine Marshall describes the state of stuff, and recalls a famous author who had a straight-forward view of clutter a long time ago...

Northwoods School Celebrates Healthy Eating

Oct 27, 2015

Each month the Northland Pines School District celebrates organically grown food through a country-wide initiative known as the Farm to School program. This month, Northland Pines students crunched into locally grown apples in support of the program's effort to connect communities with local food producers. 

For more information about the Farm to School project and its efforts, visit farmtoschool.org


Northwoods Resident Makes World-Renowned Mandolins

Oct 18, 2015
Chris Stanley

What Aquatic Invertebrates Are In Your Lake?

Oct 14, 2015
Paul Skawinski


Video of freshwater jellyfish: 

Jeffrey Foucault Talks About His Musical Journey

Oct 13, 2015
Jeff Foucault


Local Breast Cancer Survivor Embraces Life

Oct 5, 2015

Let's Grow Garlic

Sep 22, 2015
Pete Rondello

Let's Grow Garlic! A photo synopsis of a year's passage in the garlic growing process. Accompanies today's on-air message on WXPR. Thank-you!

Click here to see the Let's Grow Garlic Photo Album

Commentator Catherine Marshall Thinks About Thinking

Sep 21, 2015

In her commentary today, Catherine Marshall thinks about the mind, if you don't mind.

Medieval Faire Fun

Sep 15, 2015

Tommy O’s Playhouse held their First Annual Medieval Faire in Hazelhurst last weekend. Experience the torture dungeon, hear from lumberjack Andrew Jensen, songs from Don Meeder, fables from storyteller Linda Hutchinson and about life as a bath tub wench from  Lisa Johnson.  



Do you worry that the Northwoods is going nuts? Well, you might be right.  But as Tom Steele explains in this edition of "Field Notes",  that's not necessarily a bad thing. He says  this nuttiness is an important part of our Northwoods environment....

Bestselling Author Explores What it Takes to be a Writer

Sep 3, 2015