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In addition to the local news, WXPR Public Radio also likes to find stories that are outside the general news cycle... Listen below to stories about history, people, culture, art, and the environment in the Northwoods that go a little deeper than a traditional news story allows us to do.

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Sean Biehle

With Christmas on the horizon, many of us are thinking about gift giving.

In this month's installment of Field Notes, Susan Knight discusses the virtues of coal (just in case you get some in your stocking).

Wisconsin Historical Society, Image ID: 24374, wisconsinhistory.org

Not all of our history includes fond memories. This week on a Northwoods Moment in History, Gary Entz reminds us of the way Native Americans were treated in the Great Lakes Region in the 19th century, and of a man named of Simon Kahquados.

Mackenzie Martin/WXPR

On Thursday, December 6th, Finns around the world celebrated Finland’s Independence Day. The day marks Finland’s declaration of independence from Russia in 1917. It’s a holiday that we also celebrate here in the Northwoods, because of how much Finnish heritage we have.

At Ponsse North America in Rhinelander they celebrated the day as well, since Ponsse was started in Finland. Mackenzie Martin has the story.

WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Cougar sightings here in the Northwoods are never met with enthusiasm. There was a time, however, when Wisconsin had a well-documented cougar population.

In this week’s episode of Wildlife Matters, the Masked Biologist examines the Wisconsin Puma.

Wisc. Dept. of Natural Resources

Homesteading is a way of living your life with the goal of being more self-sufficient. In Rhinelander, there is a Homesteading Club that meets at least once a month.

Mackenzie Martin has the story.

The origin of homesteading comes from the Homestead Act of 1862 where land was given to families in an effort to encourage western migration, but some say it stands in for more of a mindset today.


All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

This week on A Northwoods Moment in History, Gary Entz tells us about a late Three Lakes resident whose photograph hangs in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

WI Dept. of Natural Resources

Should you eat the meat of a deer with Chronic Wasting Disease?

In this week's episode of Wildlife Matters, the Masked Biologist shares some information to help those facing this difficult question decide for themselves.

Peg Sandin

Many artists have a muse, something that is a huge source of creative inspiration for them. Peg Sandin is an artist based in Ironwood, MI, and her muse is Lake Superior.

WXPR's Larry Lapachin has the story.


This week on A Northwoods Moment in History, Gary Entz tells us about the Rhinelander actress who captured the hearts of movie-goers in the 1930's.

Wisc. Dept. of Natural Resources.

Sometimes being responsible means changing how you do things, even if it means paying more for it.

In today’s Wildlife Matters, the Masked Biologist talks about the dangers of using lead ammunition while hunting.


It’s deer hunting season and many of us in search for the perfect buck.

This week on A Northwoods Moment in History, Gary Entz tells us about a buck Erwin J. Steenson  experienced during a Thanksgiving hunt in Minocqua back in 1948.

A Nod to the Field Crew

Nov 16, 2018
Matthew Rethaber

The cranberry harvest in northern Wisconsin is typically six weeks long starting at the beginning of October and it can be grueling work.

Last year, Matthew Rethaber worked on the field crew for a cranberry harvest at James Lake Farms, an organic cranberry marsh in Three Lakes. As part of our series We Live Up Here, he shares memories of last year's harvest.

I am walking down the James Lake road path.  I stayed at the farmhouse last night.  I am still feeling really tired.

Last fall I got a job working on a cranberry marsh called James Lake Farms.

An Immigrant's Story

Nov 14, 2018
Yellow Pages

Many of us in the Northwoods are descended from immigrant families. Today we hear the story of one family who came to the Northwoods by way of Greece.

Gary Entz has the story in this week's episode of our continued series, A Northwoods Moment in History.

Scott Bowe

In this month's installment of Field Notes, Scott Bowe of Kemp Station discusses how the body adapts to recreation in high elevations.