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PSC Of Wisconsin Rulings Keep Utility Bill Rates Close To Flat


Favorable energy prices have resulted in Wisconsin Public Service customers seeing slightly lower average bills next year.

The utility is regulated by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. The utility had asked to raise electric rates by nearly 10 percent and natural gas rates by just under three percent.

State spokesperson Elise Nelson says regulators sharply cut the request...

"...Commissioners approved an almost one percent decrease in electric rates and nearly 2 percent decrease in gas rates. Largely due to the low cost of fuel. That means the average electric customer using 600 kilowatt hours per month will see a decrease in their bills from $80.93 to $80.80 . Natural gas customers will see a decrease from $53,93 to $52.84..."

Nelson says a second request to raise the fixed customer charge for electrical customers, which helps pay to get the power to customers. Nelson says that fee went up $2 dollars from $19 to $21 per month. They also agreed to study the issue further. There was no change in natural gas fixed customer charge. The new rates will go into effect Jan. 1

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