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Marshfield Clinic Joins Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Treatment Effort

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Marshfield Clinic has joined with nationally-recognized addiction treatment organizations. Last week the Hazelden-Betty Ford Foundation added Marshfield Clinic as its eighth partner in the Patient Care Network.

Hazelden is based in Minnesota and the Betty Ford Center is named after the former First Lady.

Marshfield Clinic Director of Substance Abuse Services, Sheila Weix  says the collaboration is designed to improve care across the U.S. Weix says by working together it gives them more tools to assess a person and also education and research studies...

".....there are different ways to approach addiction. 'Does this approach work better than that approach?' A lot of it is working together to see what works best. If you think about heart care, pretty much any place and you present an emergency room with chest pains, there are standard things that are done because they know it improves outcomes. That's part of the focus of being part of this collaborative...."

Weix says they've already received materials for patient education. There will be availability for health care professionals to train about addiction and presentations for families. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has been a participating provider with the Marshfield Clinic Health System's Security Health Plan since 2013.

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