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Public Invited To County Deer Advisory Council Meetings

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 Each county in Wisconsin has a County Deer Advisory Council (CDAC) to provide input to the DNR on deer management within their county.

Councils work with local staff to schedule , review population data, and deer impacts on forests and agriculture, develop 3-year recommendations on county populations and create annual antlerless harvest quotas.

This is the fifth year of CDAC's. Councils throughout Wisconsin will hold meetings the week of March 11 or March 18 to start the antlerless harvest quota and permit setting process for this year's deer seasons.

Acting DNR deer program specialist , Jeff Pritzl, says the whole idea is public input...

"...Meetings have a specific agenda. They are the same in each county. One of the sessions is for public input. We encourage people to attend. Over the past years, one of the things I've felt frustrated with is the lack of attendance at the meetings. I think people that are interested in deer management will find the discussion that takes place at the CDAC's very informative and interesting..."

Final CDAC meetings will take place the week of April 15. Deer hunting season structure options for each county will also be discussed by the Councils. Those options may include extended antlerless deer hunting seasons necessary to reach county deer population objectives.

The state Natural Resources Board will consider the recommendations in May.

More information is on the DNR website. We have a link here which you can use to find out more information about local meetings.

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