May Jobless Numbers Improve, But Unemployment Doubles Last Year

Jun 26, 2020

Credit skeeze

With the 'Safer-At-Home' order in place and coronavirus infections still climbing, Wisconsin's May unemployment rates continued high, some at near Depression levels.

The local unemployment rates released this week are detailed by economist Mitchell Rupp in Wausau..

"For the month of May, here's the unemployment rates...Forest, 21.7...Langlade, 10.4, Lincoln, 9.9, Oneida, 13.4, and Vilas, 13.0...."

Iron county had the state's third highest rate at 19 percent. Price county's rate was just under 12 percent.

Forest county's rate one year ago was 4.8 percent. Lincoln and Langlade counties saw their rates go up 8 points from a year ago. Oneida and Vilas counties are up 10 points from a year ago.

Menominee County, Wisconsin saw near -Depression-level unemployment at 31 percent. Nearby Taylor county saw the state's lowest rate in May at 7 percent.

Rupp said one positve note was unemployment lessened in 69 of the state's 72 counties between April and May. More information is at