Temps Rise, So Do Chances For Wildfire

Jun 6, 2019

Credit Pixabay.com stevepb

One of the peak fire danger times has passed, but the warm and dry weather the past few days means the chance of wildfire has risen a bit.

Catherine Koele is a DNR wildfire prevention specialist based in Woodruff. After the snow leaves and before the forests green up is a high fire danger time. The green up has happened but now other concerns arise...

"...We do have some pockets where we are seeing some fires. Small fires, they aren't going anywhere. If people clean up around the yard and also have campfires, and with the dry, sandy soils, we can still have fires..."

She says while conditions are not at peak fire danger time, but caution is still advised...

"..The biggest thing we're seeing is folks are becoming a little bit complacent seeing the fire danger signs hovering at low and moderate(levels). It doesn't mean a fire can't happen in those conditions. Depending on the area where you're going to have your fire if there's some flammable material around. It's always good practice to clean up that area, know what the fire danger is, make sure the fire is out and never leave it unattended...."

Koele says in the last week there's been 45 wildfires statewide, with the majority of the blazes in northwestern Wisconsin. She says there's been a few in Oneida county as well.

Koele says the keys are to check the fire danger and get a proper burning permit prior to burning. She says if you're doing clean up around the yard, check with local fire officials. She says if you are having a cooking fire outside, make sure you have tools and water with you just in case, and make sure the fire is out before you leave.