Vilas County Board Mulls Coordinated Anti-Drug Effort

Apr 20, 2017


Coordination and cooperation in combating drug and substance abuse dominated last Tuesday's meeting of the Vilas County Board of Supervisors with opinions on rehabilitation as well as preventive efforts that could result in a cohesive approach to a growing problem.

Supervisor Tom Maulson, a former Lac du Flambeau tribal chairman, felt efforts to combat drugs have decreased and asked the county board to stand up and take the initiative saying there wasn't the toughness against drugs as when he led the tribe.

Supervisor Bob Hanson, who represents part of Lac du Flambeau, felt groups were pursuing their own agendas and what is needed is a clearing house for coordination and cooperation suggesting it be online. He also felt a need to talk with the medical community since addicts are not cured by jail.

Supervisor Walt Maciag said drug abuse has grown worse and we're not focusing on the front end . . . what are we doing to make sure kids don't take that first cigarette, that first sniff, that first drug? . . . adding it's a behavioral problem and we need to address it.

Board Chairman Ron DeBruyne  asked supervisors to make this a project and to come up with ways to deal with the issue.