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Northland Pines Discusses Drug Testing Policy


A proposed drug testing policy for Northland Pines students participating in organized school activities or who drive to school was set aside Tuesday by the school board's Policy Committee and will not be presented to the full board for consideration at this time.

Both staff and committee members felt more information was needed with discussions with health and legal sources. As proposed, students would be randomly selected for testing with results confidential and destroyed upon graduation. Policy committee chairperson Holly McCormick wanted more discussion.

“I feel it is demeaning and intrusive as a parent and (as a board member) I don't think we're there yet,” McCormick said. “Bullying is a bigger issue for our district.”

The committee had a teleconference with principals of Medford and Crivitz high schools, both of which have a drug testing policy.

None of the 21 schools in CESA Nine district have a drug testing program. That prompted board president Jim Mulleady to suggest Northland Pines could be a leader but he had a conflict “about big brother on one side and protecting students” on the other.

He noted synthetic compounds would not show up in the test. The proposed policy will not be presented to the full board at this time.

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