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Upcoming Deer Hunt Like 2014 Season: DNR Ecologist


A DNR ecologist thinks the coming deer season in Wisconsin will be similar to last year's hunt. Big game ecologist Kevin Wallenfang says indicators from the bow hunting season and from from eyewitnesses find this season is shaping up like last year. While agricultural areas continue to see good deer numbers, the Northwoods is still trying to recover...

"....the northern part of the state is still in a recovery period following a bad winter a couple of years ago. Across the state, our reproduction was pretty good this year...."

Wallenfang says expect a hunt like last year, and that means an effort to restore the herd here in the north...

"....it does appear across the state that our reproduction was pretty good this year. We hope to see some increased deer numbers especially in the north. But we do have bucks only units out there still so folks are going to be restricted in shooting antlerless deer....."

12 counties are bucks only areas this season, including Oneida, Vilas, Langlade, Forest, Florence, Price and Iron counties. Lincoln county is bucks, but an antlerless permit is available. Wallenfang says the farmland zones have shown good quantities of deer, as evidenced by the numbers from the bow hunting season.

More information on deer hunting is on the DNR website.

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