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Learn To Hunt Program Hopes To Reverse Trend Of Fewer Hunters, Anglers

Bureau Of Land Management

A shift toward locally sourced food has prompted more interest in learning how to hunt and fish, but a DNR spokesperson says they have a program to get more people trained in the craft. The Learn to Hunt and related programs are coordinated by Emily Iehl .

She says with population and generational shifts, fewer people are buying licenses...

"...Just the number of participants in hunting and angling has been declining for the last 20-30 years. As a result of 'how do we change that around and increase participation', they put the Learn To Hunt program into place. It waives the need for hunter safety certification.."

Learn to Hunt combines classroom and field instruction for beginners before pairing participants with an experienced hunter. Participants will learn hunting rules and regulations, sportsmanship and ethical hunter behavior, and basic gun safety. Iehl says another program is a bit longer, and it teaches sustainable food through hunting..

"It's really taking people from square one, knows nothing about hunting, all the way to harvesting an animal and butchering it processing the meat...and trying to build camaraderie in that community, too. There's a lot of people, especially in more urban areas of the state are looking for ways they can be involved..."

More information is on the DNR website by typing Learn to hunt in the search box.

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