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The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has certified the Town of Boulder Junction as a Telecommuter Forward community.

Wisconsin is the first state to encourage telecommuting in this manner. The goal is to have more people work from home, but it requires higher-speed internet access.

Boulder Junction Economic Development committee chair Dennis Aukstik says this program encourages towns to upgrade broadband so more people can work from home... geralt

The Boulder Junction Economic Development/Connect Communities Committee is holding two meetings soon to look at options for high-speed internet.

The committee's volunteer chair Dennis Aukstik says a 2017 survey found a long list of potential challenges. He says the number one challenge reported was broadband internet access...

"...We took those answers to heart and have now begun a process to try to identify what our broadband strengths and weaknesses are. What our challenges are in expanding our broadband. We are seeking public input on those questions..."

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A 100-thousand dollar grant from the state will help expand broadband internet access to more parts of Oneida County.

The Oneida County Economic Development Corporation was notified by the Public Service Commission they will receive $100,000 of $218 thousand dollars requested to flesh out more fast internet to underserved areas. Development Corporation Executive Director Roger Luce says there was lots of competition for the money... 

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Oneida county is making sure its name is in the mix when new state funding for faster internet is available.

The Board of Supervisors approved sending a letter to state broadband funders saying the county is working hard to get more service to rural areas.

Dave Noel from the Oneida County Broadband Development Committee said current providers were not interested in expanding service four years ago. He says a local company, Northwoods Connect was interested and uses fixed wireless delivery.

If it is approved, passes both chambers of the legislature, and is signed, it looks like there will be more money coming in the next budget for higher speed internet service in rural Wisconsin.

During a Q & A session at a recent Grow North meeting, a member of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee, State Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst, said the budget panel is funding more broadband...

High speed internet has arrived for some Northwoods residents and more is on the way.

Rhinelander-based Northwoods Connect Founder and CEO Paul Osterman says a new tower has gone live north of Rhinelander...

"....just completed and just launched the Newbold tower. The tower itself is located by Newbold Fire Station #2. That was built in cooperation with the town of Newbold. The service is active and live and we are currently putting on subscribers in the Newbold area....."

Osterman says other towers are being set up...

A tangible piece of Northwoods broadband expansion will be available in the Newbold area of Oneida county within a few weeks. Other locations will also soon have service.

Northwoods Connect based in Rhinelander is using recent state grants and other money to construct a 180 foot tower near Two Sisters Lake which company CEO Paul Osterman says will provide faster internet in areas with slower internet or none at all.

The signal should cover about five miles and is part of an expansion in the rural Northwoods...

Governor Walker is asking the legislature to make large investments in upgrading high speed internet in mostly rural areas of the state.

In comments prepared by his office, Walker asked the legislature to act...

" we called on the state legislature to provide an additional $35.5 million dollars for broadband expansion and technology improvements over the next three years...."

He also wants money to go to schools...

A key point of emphasis in Governor Scott Walker's speech last week in Minocqua centered on the need for getting everyone in the Northwoods access to high-speed internet.

The state has been providing grant assistance to business to put service in rural areas.

" goal in this budget cycle is to have the resources, doing it in conjunction with the federal resources. In the second(federal grant) round, Wisconsin was one of the top states in terms of what was awarded. Take the federal resources, state resources and blanket the state...."

Several Northwoods communities will have the option of faster internet service in the upcoming months after a recent announcement by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

More than a dozen telecom companies and local economic development agencies could receive a total of $1.5 million under the government grants.

Oneida County Economic Development Corporation received more than $180,000. Executive Director Roger Luce. Luce says the money will provide wireless high speed internet to about 310 square miles within the most rural parts of Oneida county....

Earlier this week, Governor Scott Walker announced a new initiative called the Broadband Forward Community Certification Program. A state spokesperson says the program will help communities pave the way for improved broadband coverage.

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin spokesperson Elise Nelson says the program makes it easier for communities to get through the application process....


Oneida County Economic Development Director Roger Luce was putting the final touches on a grant application Thursday that, if approved, could have a large impact on some underserved broadband areas.

The grant application is for more than $400,000 with a local fund match of more than $180,000. Luce says the project will add new equipment on existing Oneida county towers and , if approved, will impact a much larger portion of Oneida county that is underserved....

Oneida County UW-Extension

The recently-hired Oneida county UW-Extension agent says he found an issue front and center which mirrors what he found in another rural area: the need for more high-speed internet.

Myles Alexander is the Community, Natural Resources and Economic Development Educator in Rhinelander.

Last week, Governor Scott Walker made several stops handing out money set aside in the state budget for broadband development in rural Wisconsin.

While in Antigo, Walker said the projects near Land O' Lakes, White Lake in Langlade county and Mattoon in Shawano county highlight a need in the Northwoods: better high-speed internet.

He says this is especially true in the tourism-dependent Northwoods... Skidmore

Governor Walker stopped in Antigo Thursday  morning to announced two broadband expansion grants in the area.

The grants are for $70,000 and $150,000 to expand broadband service in Langlade and Shawano counties. The money is part of $1.5 million put into the state budget to expand broadband in rural areas. Walker made the announcement at the Wittenberg Telephone office in Antigo.