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A Governor's Task Force on Climate Change is set to release a report this fall and the chair says public comment is still being accepted.

Last October Governor Tony Evers issued an Executive Order establishing the effort with Lt. Govenor Mandela Barnes as chair. A series of meetings is nearing the final weeks before the release of the report.

The Govenor's Task Force on Climate Change is moving forward on plans to reduce the state's carbon imprint. Meeting virtually recently, Task Force Chair Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes said he was granted an extension by Governon Evers until October 31 to submit recommendations. Barnes says as the Task Force and it's subcommittees move forward, he wants to make environmental justice a key component of the discussion.

He says he wants to include the communities most affected by a changing climate...

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By the middle of the century, the climate, the waters, and the species of northern Wisconsin could look like today’s southern Wisconsin.

That’s according to projections presented at a scientific conference last week.

In turn, climate change could force southern Wisconsin to look like states including Kansas and Virginia. Giullie

The public is invited to a roundtable discussion on climate change Saturday in Woodruff.

Dr. David Barnhill, the past Director of Environmental Studies at UW-Oshkosh will be the keynote speaker....

"We'll start out with an overview of the many dimensions of climate change and there's lots of them. Then we'll open it up to discussion to see what topics the public wants to talk about, and then we'll go from there..."

Barnhill says he will speak on the global impact of climate change...

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An amphibious vehicle called an Argo has eight wheels, two treads, floats on water, and can go just about anywhere.

Has Noah Lottig found a place it can’t access?

“Not yet.  We’ve tried.  We have not found a place where this will not go yet,” said Lottig, an assistant scientist at the UW-Madison Trout Lake Station in Boulder Junction.

A fifteen-minute ride on the Argo allows Lottig and two graduate students to access an undeveloped, frozen bog near Sparkling Lake in Vilas County.  Lottig has been here plenty with the Argo, hooking a snowplow to its front.

As the spring primary approaches, new polling suggests Democrats running for president should prioritize climate change and the environment.

The League of Conservation Voters reports their polling shows roughly three out of four people leaning Democrat think climate is a major issue and needs addressing now. Kevin_Snyman

Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg has led a number of Friday climate strikes to raise awareness about climate change. Friday in Woodruff, local activists are hoping to raise awareness here.

Members of Northwoods Progressives will be gathering in Woodruff and they invite the public. 

An organizer of the event is Callie Bates of Mercer.... dexmac

A public meeting Monday in Minocqua will highlight the year in climate change and a potential positive development.

David Barnhill is retired Director of Environmental Studies at U.W. Oshkosh and will be hosting the meeting. He says they will be reviewing some of the developments of this year.

Barnhill is chair of Northwoods Climate Action and of Our Wisconsin of the Northwoods. He says they will be taking stock of the changes...


Two tribal members will be part of Wisconsin’s new Task Force on Climate Change.

Gov. Tony Evers created the group by executive order last week.

Dylan Jennings is one of the members.  He’s on the Bad River Tribal Council and works at the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.

“Our worldview as tribal communities, paired with the traditional knowledge that communities hold, is an excellent addition to the task force and should provide a very unique perspective,” Jennings said.

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Few drivers zipping along Northwoods roads probably think about the culverts they cross, culverts sending stream water underneath the pavement or gravel.

Instead, it’s Jon Simonsen’s job to worry about the structures, which play a major role in both transportation and fish habitat.

“People don’t give a culvert much thought, and they’ll pass over it.  But they think about it a lot when the road is washed out and the road has failed,” said Simonsen, a DNR transportation liaison.  “So that’s when it has become significant.” Engin_Akyurt

Students and others are protesting Friday across the globe about climate change and there's a rally in Minocqua Friday to join in.

Northwoods environmental groups are rallying to support the effort. Local advocate David Barnhill says The student climate strike movement began in 2018 when 15-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg decided she had to take action. She stopped going to school and sat outside the Swedish Parliament with a sign saying “school strike for climate.” Soon others joined her, word spread, and students in Europe began to strike on Fridays. zsoravecz

The groups Our Wisconsin Revolution (Northwoods Chapter) and Northwoods Climate Action Network will hold a public presentation and discussion concerning the recent surge of activism in response to the climate crisis.

The event will take place Tuesday at the Walter E. Olson Memorial Library in Eagle River from 4:00 to 5:30 pm. Bluesnap

A meeting Monday in Minocqua will examine a growing youth movement centered on the need to thwart climate change.

The groups Our Wisconsin Revolution (Northwoods Chapter) and Northwoods Climate Action Network will hold a public presentation on the recent surge of activism.

David Barnhill is the retired Director of Environmental Studies at U.W. Oshkosh. He now lives in Hazelhurst and is chair of the local groups. He says not since the Vietnam War have young people become this active...

One of the nation's top experts on a changing climate will be in Three Lakes Saturday along with two friends. They are billed as "The Three Tenors of Climate Change".

Dr. Ben Santer of California's Lawrence Livermore Lab, Dr. Hernando Garzon of California and Chip Duncan, a documentary filmaker will be at Three Lakes Center For the Arts. Santer says the presentation is an opportunity to hear from the public on what their concern are and to have conversation without the loud back-and-forth that has occured. kiragrafie

MILWAUKEE - While warmer average temperatures can have a dramatic impact on colder climates globally, new research shows how much it can affect crop growth if it changes by just a few degrees Celsius. For Wisconsin, one crop that would be affected most is corn.

The research, headed by postdoctoral researcher Michelle Tigchelaar at the University of Washington, shows that a 2-to-4-degrees Celsius increase in average temperature would decrease crop yields by at least 18 percent across the United States.