Donation Helps Seniors, Children

Apr 9, 2014

Credit Natalie Jablonski-WXPR

A donation to the Rhinelander District Library will help seniors and children in the area.

Library Director Ed Hughes outlines the $1,000 gift from the Rhinelander Women's Club...

" be distributed between our senior outreach program and our Children's Department. The senior outreach person says she would like to take her portion of the money and spend it on buying CD players for audio books. She does a lot of outreach to nursing homes...."

Hughes says access to the books sometimes is a problem at the area nursing homes. He says it's nearly impossible to find cassette players, so the books will be transferred to digital media. In addition, Hughes says the library is purchasing Chrome Books so library patrons can sign in and take a laptop to an area of the library so they aren't tied to a desktop station.

In another area, Hughes says the library board is working toward finding a less costly plan to construct a new wing on the library. He says the plans are mostly in place, but a consulting firm is helping out...

".....what we want to do is look at those plans and see if there are ways to lower the costs some. That is being accomplished. We've hired a(consulting firm). That firm is looking at ways to build the same structure the architects came up with but at a lower cost...."

Hughes says they are looking at a mid-May  meeting to update the public.