Vilas County Economic Development Corporation

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LAC DU FLAMBEAU – Some 60 people met Thursday at one of Vilas County’s three “Economic Opportunity Zones” to hear a panel of experts explain how a new federal tax program could spur investment in their communities.

Layered on Opportunity Zones are “Opportunity Zone Funds,” a type of investment vehicle created for investors to take advantage of the recent tax code changes. They allow for a reduction in capital gains tax through investment in qualified Opportunity Zones.

Vilas County Economic Development Corporation

Recently, the chair of Vilas County Economic Development Corporation stopped by the WXPR studios.

VCEDC is a non-profit that provides financial help and mentoring to budding entrepreneurs and has business incubators across Vilas County.

Ken Krall talks with Chair Jim Tuckwell..

Jim Tuckwell, Chair of Vilas County Economic Development Corporation.

Wisconsin DNR

A DNR official says the former Nagle Lumber property near Land O' Lakes has been sold and the new property owner and Vilas County Economic Development are getting some assistance from a DNR fund to determine the property's future.

The company operated on the 130 acre property for more than a half-century before closing in 2005. Since then the property has been idle. The DNR's Wisconsin Assessment Monies award, valued at about $30,000, comes in the form of contractor services for assessing conditions at the site.

DNR Brownfields Section Chief Christine Haag...

Governor Scott Walker says the state’s business climate is improving.  He made an appearance at a Vilas County Economic Development meeting Monday at Eagle Waters Resort.    

Speaking to a crowd of business people and local officials, Walker said good things are happening in Wisconsin, and noted 13,000 new businesses have been created since he took office.   Walker also talked about his Walleye Initiative, which resonated with Dick Mendham, owner of Sunset Resort near Phelps:

Vilas County to Host Business Start-Up Leaders

Oct 7, 2013

Officials helping  start-up businesses around the state are meeting up in Vilas County next week.  Vilas County Economic Development Corporation is hosting the quarterly meeting of the state’s Business Incubation Association Board.  Vilas County EDC Director Bob Egan says it’s a chance for the local chapter to learn from its counterparts in other cities and towns. 

“And by having these folks here – we consider it a privilege but at the same time it will allow us to draw on their expertise, and help us proceed in being successful.”