Lawmakers to Hear Testimony on Changes to Education Standards

Mar 5, 2014

State lawmakers are expected to hear testimony Thursday on a bill that could spell changes for Common Core education standards. 

State Superintendent Tony Evers is appealing to parents and educators to speak out against the legislation, which would put standards in the hands of a legislative committee. 

In a video message Evers called this a Waterloo moment in Wisconsin education. 

“We need them to understand that our children are at risk here, our schools are at risk here, if we jerk this away from what’s going on in our schools right now and having to recreate new standards, lord knows what they’re going to look like.” 

Evers says the nationally-aligned standards are reasonable and calls the bills in question a power grab by Republicans.

Proponents meanwhile argue the bill would help fix problems in the Common Core standards, which some say should be more locally targeted. 

The School Administrative Alliance and other educators have also spoken out against the proposed changes. 

The Senate Education Committee has a public hearing scheduled for Thursday.