October Is Dyslexia Awareness Month

Sep 25, 2018

Credit pixabay.com

October is Dyslexia Awarenss Month.

Dyslexia is a neurological condition caused by a different wiring of the brain. There is no cure for dyslexia and individuals with this condition must learn coping strategies. Research indicates that dyslexia has no relationship to intelligence.

While dyslexia can make reading more difficult, with the right instruction, almost all individuals with dyslexia can learn to read. Donna Hejtmanek is a retired educator and reading specialist who worked with students with learning disabilities and behavior disorders.

She details the condition...

"...It's characterized by difficulties with accuate or fluid word recognition, and poor spelling and decoding. This often means deficit in the phonological component of language, that means how we hear sounds and how we maniputlate sounds that we hear or see....."

She says people with dyslexia can communicate and relate just as easily as anyone, but struggles with the printed word...

"...They will have difficulty understanding what they read, understanding vocabulary and background knowledge because they don't have the ability to read and take in background information. Students who have this disability will often be delayed in their learning...."

In an extreme case, they could have a 2-3 year delay in their reading abilities. Hejtmanek says if a student is struggling, she recommends having the student tested to determine the best course of action. Donna Hejtmanek says it's often a long process.

She says people are often reluctant to address dyslexia. Adults also can have dyslexia. She says there are several organizations that can help.

One is the wisconsinreadingcoalition.com Many people with dyslexia have gone on to accomplish great things. Among the many dyslexia success stories are Thomas Edison, Stephen Spielberg, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Charles Schwab.