PlayStation Fraud At Area WalMart Stores

Jun 22, 2016


Suspects are being sought for a scam involving counterfeit PlayStation 4 video games.

The scam involves several north-central Wisconsin Wal-Mart stores. In total, the loss is more than $3,700 dollars to Wisconsin Wal-Mart stores, including several in this region.

Law enforcement says a man and a woman approach the stores with a receipt and what appears to be PlayStation 4 video games. In Wausau, $250 were returned, along with what appeared to be a legitimate receipt from a store in Kansas. After the returns were sold again, they were found to be counterfeit.

Law enforcement believes they pulled the scam in 18 state Wal-Mart stores, including Wausau, Rhinelander, Antigo, Shawano, Plover and Wisconsin Rapids.

Another male suspect also was using the scam in Medford and Merrill. The principal suspect is a white male with strawberry blond colored hair. Contact local law enforcement with any information.