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Jeep Jamboree Coming To Mole Lake This Weekend

Jill Zagar photo

Thursday through Sunday the  Mole Lake Lodge and Conference Center will become host site for the 2015 Jeep Jamboree.  The Sokaogon Chippewa Community has granted access to their tribal lands, making it possible to hold  the Jeep Jamboree in the Northwoods.

John Lewins, Jeep Jamboree Trail Coordinator emphasized that “Tread Lightly!” is a very
important motto for their group....

“There’s no spinning of tires, there’s no racing through, there’s no finding the lowest spot trying  to get in and out and make a mess. We build the trails to be sustainable, being that when we get done with the trails, we maintain them, seed grass on them so that they don’t wash out ..."

Lewins says the Jeep Jamboree is a family off-road event, where the vehicles move at a slow speed...

“There’s little or no mud it’s just the trails, the woods, the environment for the family to enjoy and at lunchtime the children have a chance to bond with their family and be with their family.”

Lewins says they will use the same trails again next year.

110 Jeeps are scheduled to attend this year’s event. “Jeepers”  arrive Thursday evening and set out on the trails Friday and Saturday mornings. Promoters say all participants are  guided in and out of the woods on designated trails.

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