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Dixie Lunch In Antigo Celebrates 70 Years

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The Dixie Lunch in Antigo has achieved a position possibly no other diner has achieved.

Dixie Lunch, downtown on 5th Avenue, is a family- owned diner that has fed people from every walk of life for seven decades. Their kolaches and burgers are the same as when Ed and Georgian Ourada began the business in 1945. Their children, Gus Ourada and Sue Stanton continue to carry on the tradition of home cooking. Sue Stanton’s familiarity with the customer base seems to be part of their formula for longevity....

You watch them grow up. Their children come and their grandchildren come, they bring their children and grandchildren in for a hamburger and a chocolate malt, whatever it might be, pie and ice-cream. So that’s a cool thing too. With a small town like we have, it seems you just know most everybody that does come.”

The Dixie Lunch has been an Antigo mainstay for 70 years says Stanton...

There is a book, Wisconsin Café, that says we are the longest family owned restaurant in the state of Wisconsin. So that’s something that we are very proud of.”

Will the Dixie make it to 100 years? “That’s what we have to hope for. Because the community needs the Dixie Lunch, I think. ..."

The story on the Dixie Lunch in Antigo filed by WXPR contributor Jill Zagar.

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