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Farmer's Take Of Holiday Food Continues To Drop


While Americans enjoy feasting on the bounty from  farmers in this country and other nations, an agri-business lobby spokesperson says American farmers aren't reaping big financial rewards.
Amy Eckelberg from the Wisconsin Farm Bureau says a decades long decline in farmer's income continues...

"....in the mid -1970's or so, farmers received about one-third of the consumer retail food expenditures. Since then that figure has decreased, and it's about 16 percent. According to the U.S.D.A., this year's farmers share of the $50.86(Thanksgiving meal cost to the consumer), the farmer's share would be $8.13..."

The Farm Bureau survey for the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal found it costing just over $50 to feed 10 people, about two dollars higher than last year. Eckelberg says that decline puts into perspective the farmers take on the grocery bill, or less than one-fifth of the overall cost. One uptick was in dairy, where strong demand for dairy products around the globe saw the price rise a bit in 2014.

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