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Northwoods LWV Chapter Earns Official Membership

Ho John Lee

The Northwoods now hosts its own full-fledged chapter of the League of Women Voters.  The group’s mission is to protect voting rights for groups that are underrepresented.  

Chapter spokeswoman Jane Trotter says the nonpartisan group was founded in 1920 to get women the right to vote.

“After that, we realized there were a lot of other people who needed the right the vote. The people who are most fragile in terms of their voting rights are first time voters, youth that are not in college, new citizens, minorities, the elderly and low income Americans.”

The Northwoods chapter held its first meeting earlier this month after gaining approval from the national organization.  Trotter says members often help register new voters, and staff polling places to make sure all individuals have access to the voting process.  Trotter the group is watching out for polling places that are inaccessible to handicapped voters.                

“That’s a growing issue in the Northwoods, because our population is aging. If you can’t get in there, or you can’t get your wheelchair or your walker between the wall between the handicapped accessibility – and you may be embarrassed to ask about that.”

The league chapter will also be organizing candidate forums and public information sessions.  

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