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Voters Reject White Lake School Referendum

Voters in the Northwoods followed statewide trends for most elected offices, and showed a strong preference in most referendum questions.

White Lake school district voters again rejected exceeding state spending limits. The vote was 430-405 against more money for the school district.

In Langlade county, Sheriff William Greening held off a strong challenge by Joe Stegall. The unofficial total was Greening 4,268, Stegall 4,100.

Iron, Oneida and Lincoln counties all followed the trend that saw voters saying the state should accept federal money to fund an expansion of Medicaid, or Badgercare in Wisconsin. That margin was roughly 2-1 in all the counties. A similiar margin found voters approving a higher minimum wage. That question was asked in a number of central and southern Wisconsin municipalities.

Several towns in the region had referendums. Voters in the town of Lincoln, Vilas county, likely will have to wait until Friday to find out whether a clerk-treasurer will be appointed. Out of almost 1,200 votes cast, the no's were ahead by two votes...but five absentee ballots will be counted Friday. In Elcho, voters rejected an appointed town clerk, as did voters in Little Rice, Oneida county, who rejected appointed clerks and treasurers.

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