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Stay Safe In The Cold Says Emergency Management


It only takes a step out the door before you know it's much colder than average for mid-to-late February. Cold can be a killer if you're not properly protected.

Oneida County Emergency Management spokesperson Dawn Robinson says there is one easy way to stay safe...

?"....if you do not need to travel, don't during this cold, bitter time. Not only do we need to limit our amount of time that we're outdoors, along with the time outside for our pets, it's hard on our cars as well...."

But many people do have to eventually go out in the cold, so she says think about what might happen, rather than thinking you will be ok walking or riding in a car. She says make sure you have a blanket, cell phone and food and water if you head out in your vehicle...


"....when you're traveling on the road and you're looking in the vehicle, make sure you have your essential items. Look at the entire family and friend needs and make sure what you have in your vehicle will help you in the event you may become stranded...."


She says be sure to check on your elderly neighbors and see if things are going ok for them. She says if traveling take along a blanket, food, water and cell phone as it isn't certain your car will continue running.

Robinson says don't think because your pets have fur that they are immune from the extreme cold. She says make certain they are protected. She says their pads on their feet and ears can get frostbite very easily.

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