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More Injuries Reported At Lincoln Hills-Legislator Calls For Shutdown

Wisconsin Dept. of Corrections

The state Corrections Department has not commented on a report that five Lincoln Hills employees were sent to a hospital after a pair of assaults by juvenile inmates Sunday.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said the word came from two staffers who responded. They said the attacks were undoubtedly coordinated by the young offenders, and in one case, an inmate threw pieces of a plastic chair at a guard.

The reported assaults came one day before W-A-O-W T-V in Wausau aired an on camera interview with state Corrections Secretary Jon Litscher, who said he recognizes staffing shortages at the boys' and girls' schools in Lincoln County -- and he vowed that the institutions would stay "operational" as they revamp recruiting and training to rebuild what Litscher called a "stronger workforce.

" Meanwhile, state Assembly Democrat Chris Taylor of Madison has introduced a bill to close the two sites within one year, saying the current facilities don't work.

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