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Digital Voting For Vilas County Board Meetings Approved

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Accuracy on how Vilas County board of supervisors vote on resolutions should be improved after the county public property committee last week approved installing a digital voting system in the county board room.

County Clerk Dave Alleman indicated many times a voice vote has one or two supervisors voting in the minority or sometimes keeping silent and he needs to accurately record the vote in the minutes.

“With a few voting in the minority I ususally ask them to raise their hands and identifying them while the rest are recorded as voting in the majority. Sometimes we get what I call 'tag along' voting where some board members wait to see how others vote. This system will eliminate that.”

Alleman felt this will be more useful for times when they have many requests for roll call votes, admitting some supervisors may not react favorbably with using new technology. The cost varies but appears to be under $1,000 installed. This committee has no budget but the finance committee could take it from the general fund or a line item transfer might be a solution.

Asked what happens if a supervisor wanted to change their vote, a motion for reconsideration could be made by a board member voting with the majority. The committee approved the digital electronic voting system for the board room as long as it “meets our needs and there are no surprises” such as a high licensing fee.

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