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Health Officials Say 6,000 Flu Hospitalizations Could Have Been Prevented


It's still not too late to get a flu shot says a local health professional.

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention reported last week that flu activity has been increasing since the start of November. It is now higher than usual for this time of year said the report. As of last week, seven children had died from influenza.

Oneida County public health nurse Jennifer Bates says they're encouraging people to come in and get the shot. She says the best time to get the shot is early in the flu season, usually in the fall....

"....typically we see the peak of flu season usually between December and March. Sometimes you see activity as late as May. By getting your flu shot now you can get that boost and coverage before we see the peak season in our area....."

Bates says the shot likely can help you avoid days in bed or other complications but she says it also helps others...

"...the biggest thing too is by covering yourself your going to help cover your loved ones especially over the holiday season...."

It takes a few days for the vaccine to become effective.

The CDC reports only half of the U.S. population reported getting the vaccine last season. They estimate that if only 5 percent more people had gotten the shot, more than 500,000 illness could have been prevented, along with 6,000 hospitalizations.

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