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Winter Persists But The Time To Remove Ice Shacks Is Nearing

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Even though winter is holding on with a passion, the time to remove ice shanties from Wisconsin lakes is nearing.

Capt. April Dombrowski, head of the Recreational Safety and Outdoor Skills Section, says the deadlines remind people to start removal efforts sooner when the ice is more likely to be solid.

She says the deadline for people fishing south of Highway 64 was Sunday. It's a few days later for north of Highway 64...

"As far as northern Wisconsin, those areas that are north of Highway 64 and all other outlying waters, the deadline to have those ice shanties removed will be Sunday, March 17 this year..."

Dombrowski says the DNR realizes the challenges of Wisconsin's sometimes rapid weather changes. She says they understand the shacks may be frozen in place by several inches of ice and some lakes have thick snow. She says law enforcement will use discretion for people working to get the shanties off the ice.

Dombrowski recommends anglers begin immediately to assess their shanties removal possibilities and work with local vendors, fishing clubs, friends and others for assistance.

The DNR encourages ice anglers to call the department's Hotline, 1-800-TIP-WDNR to report their situation if they are having difficulty meeting the removal deadline. The angler's information, to include name, water body and approximate location where the shanty is located will be passed on to the local conservation warden who will use discretion in the enforcement of the deadline.

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