Holiday Book Fund Drive Still Underway

Jan 12, 2015


Longtime Rhinelander educator and author Ced Vig began a tradition at the Rhinelander District Library and this year marks its 30th anniversary. The tradition began   with Vig donating the first book to the Holiday Book Fund.

Library Foundation member Kari Zambon says since it's beginning, nearly a quarter-million dollars has been raised for book purchases...

"....nearly one in four of the books taken out in the Children's Department are book-plated with the Ced Vig book fund..."

Foundation Treasurer John Coyle says they have collected about $10,000, slightly below last year's fundraising drive goal.

Foundation Treasurer John Coyle says the drive helps the library with a core mission: to buy books...

"'s a way of supplementing the district library's budget. They're of course, always looking for funds and though people think books are not popular, they still are very popular and we're still purchasing books to put on the shelves..."

 Coyle says even though the holidays are over doesn't mean contributions can't be accepted. He says every book gets a plate in it, indicating it was purchased by the Ced Vig Holiday Book Fund. Coyle says the donations help supplement the library's budget.

Zambon says Vig led the drive for many years..

"...he was an educator, lifelong, and he believed in books and how they can touch people's lives..."

 Zambon says Vig was quoted as saying a private purchase of a book means one person reads it, but the purchase of a book for the library means many more people will get to read it.

More information on the fund is available by calling the Rhinelander District Library or by writing to Box 1225 in Rhinelander. They also have a website.