Hughes To Leave Rhinelander Library

Apr 22, 2014


Credit Natalie Jablonski


The Rhinelander District Library will be looking for a new director.

Ed Hughes says he will be leaving Rhinelander to take a job in Hernando, Mississippi...

"....the library is called First Regional Library. It's a big, 5-county library system..."

Hughes says he enjoyed his time in Rhinelander, but health considerations for his spouse led him to look at a warmer climate.

Hughes says that library system in northern Mississippi is funded like the Rhinelander library with multiple governmental entities chipping in. Hughes says the proposed Rhinelander library building addition is key to the library's future. He says the library in Mississippi has more than adequate space....

"....and I wish I could convey that sense of what sufficient library space means because we don't have enough(in Rhinelander). I think if we would just follow that path of building onto the library here and creating enough space I think people would be very happy with it....."

Hughes was hired in 2008. He begins his new job in early June.