Memorial Weekend Finds Volunteers Checking Boat Landings

May 26, 2016

Zebra mussels

Workers will be out this weekend at Northwoods boat landings to try to stop the spread of aquatic invasive species. Oneida County Conservationist Michele Sadauskas says the first major weekend of the summer season is a good time to check boats and get out the word about stopping aquatic hitchhikers...

"....I know most of the lake associations across the Northwoods will have people out at their landings, so there will be lots of volunteers, lots of paid staff, I think DNR has their staff out this weekend, Boaters and anglers visiting the landings are certainly going to see our volunteers and inspectors touching base..."

She says there are things boaters can do to help prevent the spread...

"....pulling off any vegetation, pull the plug, drain the water. On Memorial Day weekend lots of fisherman out on the waters. We want to make sure those live wells are drained as well. Transport your fish by putting them on ice packs We're trying to get anything that came from that lake to stay in that lake..."

She says pull the plug and drain the water from the boat before moving to another lake. She says a good rule of thumb is keep anything that came from the lake at that lake before moving on.