Rhinelander Council Says It's A Parking Lot As Is

Jul 11, 2019

Credit WXPR

A downtown Rhinelander environmental cleanup site is going to be a parking lot for the foreseeable future.

The former Lindy Cleaners building was razed and the long term result was an open lot across from city hall on Stevens St. with little commercial interest due to environmental concerns below the surface.

The common council in 2014 accepted the concept of keeping the lot as a parking lot. Richard Voss approached the council about getting a couple of temporary parking spots in the vacant lot for his next door business. But some members of the council had concerns about what might happen if they opened the lot up to temporary parking.

Alderperson Steve Sauer said he didn't have a concern..

"According to the resolution, this council accepted the property per the resolution that was approved by the county board of May, 2014, it was intended to be a parking lot. My opinion, open the whole thing up, let people park there, get some signage up.."

Council member Lee Emmer, who said he's designed parking lots, questioned the move...

"..One just doesn't convert a public property into a parking lot. There are a lot of concerns. The concerns are handicapped accessibility, you have to have some dedication there. Drainage, traffic patterns, signage, turning radius. I've designed parking lots, I know what goes on.."

Groups have requested to use the space for upcoming events in the city. The council approved 4-2 allowing for Voss' parking spots and using the space for parking.