Summer Tourism Rebounds After Slow Start

Sep 1, 2013

The Northwoods

The season started slow, but has really come on. That's the assessment of an area tourism spokesperson.

Kim Baltus leads the Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce and is also president of the Oneida County Tourism Council.

She says the early warm season activities were frozen an unusually long winter and cold spring. Once the ice left the lakes, things changed... 

"....once it got started it's really been strong, and I think that's pretty consistent across the county. Once we got into the warm weather we had a great summer. Many of our resorts and accomodations were full...through the long weekends and through the long weeks...."

She says many places reported this was the second best year, trailing only last year's visitors numbers. She says restaurant and retail has been strong.

She says fall tourism is dependent on weather, but if it holds the strong visitation trend will continue...

"...if we have a beautiful September, it'll be a strong "shoulder season" for us. A lot of fall visitors will make (traveling) decisions even more spontaneously than the summer visitors because if they can have a beautiful fall weekend in the Northwoods that's very worth it to them..."

Baltus says fall tends to be a little quieter in the Northwoods, the kids are back in school, and couples tend to arrive to see the sights.