Wisconsinites Aren't Saving Much For Retirement: Treasurer

Feb 20, 2019

State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski
Credit Wisconsin.gov

Wisconsin's State Treasurer has a statistic that has many financial observers worried..

"..What I found out recently just further shined a light on the importance of this week is the average working-age household in Wisconsin has less than $3,000 left for retirement..."

Sarah Godlewski is speaking about saving more money as part of Wisconsin Saves Week. Godlewski says she recently noticed the statistic...

"..Which, to me, was mind boggling because retirement is something we all work for and we want to make sure we're saving so we can live that good quality of life we're working towards. Our whole campaign is for raising awareness for what you want to save for..."

She says the best way to save is to have a set figure automatically deducted from your income so you don't see it on the paycheck...

"For me to save the best way is to automatically put away $10 a week. You don't see it. You don't miss it. So I have in my automatic checking account I automatically put $10 away. I don't miss it, I don't see it. Slowly, money starts to accrue..."

Godlewski recommends going to the website wisconsin-saves. org where she says there are many tools to help you save more of your money.