Oneida County Fair Deadline Approaching

Jul 5, 2016


A deadline is nearing if you want to display something at the upcoming Oneida County Fair in Rhinelander. Oneida County UW-Extension leader Lynn Feldman says a deadline is later this week...

"....the deadline is for fair registration, fair entries. This is for people to bring things they have made through the course of the year to the fair, to exhibit, to get fair premium money, to excite other people...."

The deadline is July 10. County or community civic organizations, youth groups, or school clubs can now sign up at no cost for one or more three-hour blocks of time at the Fair’s Exhibit Court and informally talk to fairgoers about topics related to their group.

The Fair will also offer opportunities for county adults or youth to educate fairgoers about a particular hobby or interest.

In a special “demonstration” tent set up in the Exhibit Court area, individuals or groups will be given an area to set up their craft station. Anyone who exhibits items at the Oneida County Fair, youth or adult, again have the opportunity to sell additional items in the “sales” tent this year.

The fair is scheduled for August 4-7 at Pioneer Park in Rhinelander. More information is available at the UW-Extension office at 715-365-2750 or online at