National Wolfwatcher Coalition

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An effort last week by four Wisconsin legislators to make it illegal for the DNR to enforce state and federal law regarding management of wolves has been labeled "political theater" by the Endangered Species Coalition. Republican Representatives, including Mary Felzkowski of Irma, and State Senator Tom Tiffany circulated the bill.

Nancy Warren is Executive Director of National Wolfwatcher Coalition. She says the bill might not hold legal muster since it's an effort to upstage federal law on endangered species.

As Wisconsin is preparing for its second wolf hunt,  Michigan residents are protesting a move by that state's legislature that some feel is designed to preempt two November referendum questions.

This week the Republican-led state House approved a law that allows the state to name games species and establish hunting seasons without the Governor's signature. This could signal a second U.P. wolf hunt.

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Last week the state Wolf Advisory Committee met in Wausau to work out proposed details of this fall's wolf hunt. The state would like to have about 350 wolves as a stable population, with projections over the winter of around 600. That is down almost 20 percent from one year earlier. 

But Nancy Warren, Great Lakes Regional Director for the National Wolfwatcher Coalition, is critical of the composition of the Advisory Committee and says they're not following the earlier intent of managing the state's wolf population.