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September Jobs Report To Come Out Tuesday

Following the economy can be confusing.

But at least one thing has long been certain: the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release its monthly jobs report at exactly 8:30 a.m. on a Friday.

Next week, Tuesday will feel like a Friday.

That's because late Thursday afternoon, the BLS updated its post-shutdown schedule for data releases. The new schedule shows that the long-delayed and much-anticipated September employment report will come out on Tuesday.

The original release date was Friday, Oct. 4. But that jobs report got caught up in the government shutdown. Now it will be released Tuesday, Oct. 22.

And the October report, originally scheduled for release on Nov. 1, will be pushed to Nov. 8. That's late, but at least it's a Friday. TGIT just doesn't sound right.

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Marilyn Geewax is a contributor to NPR.
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