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Keep safety in mind during Tomahawk's Fall Ride

WAOW Television
WAOW Television

The annual Tomahawk Fall Ride has returned, which means drivers will see an influx of motorcyclists throughout the weekend.

Pookie Rosa, Director of Marketing for Bull Falls Harley Davidson in Rothschild, said safety for riders first starts with being aware or your surroundings. She says they are expecting more riders than previous years.

Rosa said it's important for bikers to have their lights on regardless of the time of day, as well as making sure they are dressed for the slide not the ride.

"Get your jacket on, get your chaps if you can get em, and always make sure you have your safety glasses on," Rosa said. "Never buy a second hand helmet. You always want to buy a helmet that is well fitted to you specifically. If it's not and you hit the ground, that helmet is not safe."

Rosa also said make sure a bike's brakes are functioning, as well as a tire check and other required maintenance before hitting the roadways.

Drivers with four wheels are also advised to be on the lookout and pay extra attention for motorcyclist near them.

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