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What Chris Houlette is listening to

I have been volunteering with WXPR for about four years now. I expressed my interest almost immediately after moving to town and learning about the station. I pestered folks (politely) until I was offered an opportunity to step in and train. Thankfully it seemed a good fit almost immediately. I first started hosting public radio music shows on a small village station in Alaska, way back in the winter of 1995/96. Those of you that have listened to my shows may have heard me mention it a time or two. The station manager there had a saying that I have held to ever since, “Every once in a while, play something that makes your listeners stop and look at their radios.”

I like to think I have an eclectic taste in music, but when asked what I am listening to now, I have had a difficult time pinning that down. I have a suite of old favorites that include names like Peter Gabriel, Fred Eaglesmith, Tom Waits, Gillian Welch, and Wilco. There are also some newer favorites, that I have only somewhat recently discovered such as Billie Eilish, Alt J, and Sylvan Esso. For some time now though I have been wanting something different… I am just not quite sure what. Recently I have been spending some time with early Talking Heads. Also, I have been honing in on some music that I have learned about through the station and Project North, like Humbird and Brothers Burn Mountain.

I am not a musician, although I have dabbled in it a few times. Music is an anchor in my life. I often use it to measure benchmarks in my life, like a soundtrack for memories. I would be lost without it and one of my favorite things is having the opportunity to share that experience with others. I am continually thankful that WXPR allows me to continue doing just that.